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License Number 197700153

Williams Family Daycare is a state licensed childcare home facility conveniently located in Victorville, Ca.

Our main focus is to provide a fun and interactive learning environment for your child. Our highly trained and qualified staff will help your child develop the skills for their social and emotional growth and development. We have programs for infants, toddlers, and preschool/pre-k and we offer flexible schedules to meet every family need.

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Infant Program

 Infant program (6 weeks - 24 months) provides a loving, caring, safe “home like” environment that is filled with music, laughter, and an abundance of TLC.

We recognize the importance of healthy, happy and loving experiences of a baby’s first year and facilitate growth through a nurturing and loving environment. Babies are provided stimulating activities that enhance and facilitate their development to accomplish milestones.

We provide on demand scheduling to assure your child’s individual needs are being met. We believe each child progresses at their own pace and rather than being forced to reach milestones at a specific date, instead are encouraged to develop these skills as they are ready.


Our Toddler program offers a safe, happy, stimulating, caring and fun environment in which your child will develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Our toddler program (24 months - 3 years) is based on the belief that children learn concepts and form ideas through self-initiated activities. 

Small Motor Skills

• Stacking Rings

• Puzzles

• Early writing skills

• Transfer and sort object

Large Motor

• Blocks

• Legos

• Trains, trucks, and cars

Creative play

• Kitchen play

• Dress-up

• Grocery store

• Doll care/play

• Puppet theatre


• Touch tub activities

• Weather and seasonal changes

• Magnets



• Sorting by color,shape, and size

• Beginning number recognition

• Math games

• Calendar


• Story time

• Dramatic play

• Calendar

• Music and rhythm


Preschool / Pre-Kindergarten programs (3 years - 6 years) provide an environment that incorporates play, as well as an enhanced learning atmosphere to prepare them for the transition into a more traditional form of learning. 

Small Motor

• Coloring and Writing

• Lacing beads and cards

• Sorting with tongs and tweezers

• Puzzles

Large Motor

• Blocks

• Cars, trucks, and trains

• Lego’s

Creative Play

• Grocery Store

• House/dress up

• Office


• Post office


• Sand and water

• Weights and measures

• Gardening

• Bugs and outdoor exploration

• Season weather changes

• Magnets


• Sorting by color, shape, and size

• Number recognition

• Math Games

• Basic addition and subtraction

• Calendar


• Story Time

• Writing Journals

• Dramatic Play

• Calendar

• Music and Rhythm

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